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How to Use Lego Cheat Code to Unlock Secrets

When it is Lego video games, you can count on plenty of hidden characters and ships to assist you get there. If you know how to use the Lego cheat code, you can unlock these items without spending many of your hard-earned studs.

You can utilize these codes to unlock new characters like Admiral Holdo and ships that you can then use during space combat gameplay sections. This method unlocks 19 characters and ships however each requires an Datacard as well as a different amount of studs.

Like previous LEGO video games, you can track these Datacards by locating them across the galaxy. Each Datacard has a gold glow, which makes it easier to spot. They are hidden in secret locations across the globe. When you locate a code, enter it in the Weasley Joke Shop located in Diagon Alley to unlock whatever it is.

To enter a cheat code you must pause the game and then select the option “Enter Code” on the menu for pause. Simply type in one of the codes listed below to unlock characters, ships, or other item. Some codes view unlock special “holiday” versions of famous characters like Darth Vader in his Christmas sweater. These won’t expire as long as the code is used before you exit the pause menu and then return to the main game.

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